Sunday, March 4, 2018

Headless Kit Build: Final Color After Sealer

I'm going to sand and start oiling today but here's the final color after the Birchwood Casey Sealer has dried overnight. I do not plan to apply any grain filler. The grain is pretty closed as it is, except for the end grain.
Despite there usually being almost no figuring in basswood, if you look on the left side of this picture closely, you can see a bit of light flame. It only appears on this side though. Hopefully it becomes even more apparent after a few coats of Birchwood Casey Tru-Oil.

You can also see one of those little yellow pads on the right next to the guitar.
That is what I use to apply the sealer/filler. I like these over a rag because they're just spongy enough to soak a little up and spread it. The sealer is tacky so it is nice to be able to pour it on, pick some up and move it quickly. They're cheap so they're great for one time use. The sealer is going to pretty much destroy them. Here's a link to get some on Amazon.

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