Saturday, March 3, 2018

Headless Kit Build: Color After Birchwood Casey Sealer

The build continues today with an application of the Birchwood Casey Sealer and Filler after a light 1000 grit sanding. This is with just a bit of sealer in different areas to show the contrast. Even after it dries, the color difference won't be much as it keeps a "wet" look with the sealer on it.
And here's the back.

I went back and sanded the end grain a bit more to keep it from just consuming all my sealer. You can see how basswood darkens up at the end grain on the bottom of the body and around those bottom corners.
These little bottles are $6-something a piece. I was also sad to find one of my half bottles had dried out over the months. You have to use it fast. Now I wait for it to dry. And try to avoid the fumes. This is by far my least favorite part. Excited to start the oiling.

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