Monday, January 22, 2018

Free Cookies!

I've been too busy to make updates here for a while. Lots of work. But a few pivotal things have occurred on my life. First, I have been Adsense approved. Thank you Google! Now instead of going to other websites to see guitar ads, I can go to my own site to see guitar ads. And I now feel like I can legit refer to this as my "side business". And thus spend more time on it. It is motivating. I'll be sure to pick up the posting.

The second thing: I ordered for the first time from Riff City and received the item, a neck Duncan Full Shred (SH-10n), today. They seem to be having a SH-10 sale. But more importantly, if you order from them, you get a free cookie!

Yes, that's right. Gear retailers are going all out to keep us addicted these days. It seems like a rough market. I'm sure gear vultures like me everywhere have been circling over the double downgrades of Guitar Center in the past year. If that outfit folds, I can imagine road trips in store. And with no shortage of great deals in the non-dealer markets, it seems like retailers are going all out to make sure their customers keep coming back. As if feeding a deep addiction to guitar part purchases isn't enough!

Sweetwater has been great about regularly giving me calls to check up on how I'm doing. Their folks who check in are some of the nicest people I've ever spoken with. I actually feel like my day brightens up a bit every time it happens. A telemarketing call. And they send along a nice little baggie of coffee table candies with their orders. They surely have joined into an evil pact with the dentistry industry.

But while I love their service, the cookie wins. This wasn't just a cookie. This was a cookie in a box with guitar parts. Now, I believe my new pickup has less chemical additives than this tasty pancake of sugar and Reese's Pieces. But that didn't impact the flavor at all. Not to mention, the stylish packaging in a cardboard cookie holder with a guitar silhouette fold. I wanted to eat the packaging too. The folks at Riff City were careful to emphasize the cookie as soon as I picked up the package.

They advertised the cookie right on the Priority Mail box! I smelled the box all the way up stairs in my elevator in anticipation. It looks like they might be all out of the SH-10n 7 but they still have the bridge model at a great price. I plan to pair mine with a used Dominger I found on eBay in a Douglas Hadron 727. I'll be sure to post something about both once I've done the wiring.


  1. how do they guarantee freshness

  2. Most likely case: the cardboard sleeve is specifically engineered to lock in freshness.


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