Saturday, February 17, 2018

Sale on Headless Guitar Kits

It turns out these budget headless guitar kits with the "Overlord of Music" Steinberger R-Trem copies on them are an absolute disaster. I built one early last year. It's almost playable today. But it has been an adventure. It has taught me how to use a chisel. That should say enough in itself.

It turns out, there are some on sale at! Check these out while there are still some left. The U.S. warehouse stock is going for $82. If you like building puzzles. And you like it even better when those puzzles are guitars. This is a great deal!

Use paypal. Or else they ask for images of your credit card. And that doesn't go well.

A considerable amount of drinking over many days is required to turn these kits into playable guitars. But if that is something you can afford, it is well worth it.

I will post up the story of my first encounter sometime in the near future.

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