Saturday, February 24, 2018

Headless Kit Build: Routing Problems

Last weekend I posted about the sale on headless kits at It turns out these are are ammoon kits. I wasn't paying attention when buying it. I'm going to spot for a moment to poke fun at their website which I'm going to justify later with a picture of the kit that just got delivered.

First, they take QC very seriously.

You can join their Geek Club. I don't know what that means, but I kind of want to join.

I'm pretty sure this is the Fight Club of budget guitar manufacturing. Ammoon respects your wishes too. They don't just have some privacy terms. Just like you want with real cookies, they offer. Privacy cookies?

Now these are sold as beginner kits. But let's be honest. Guitar building isn't really a beginner thing. So if you're looking for instructions, you should just look for a new hobby.

All that aside though, they make some low budget useful stuff. A lot of it is focused on like "first instrument quality" but the DIY stuff is all real wood. It provides a good baseline for doing something creative. It is not 100% clear to me they're still in business or if there are just warehouses of things they produced a couple years ago being liquidated slowly online. But these are true hobby prices.

I believe this is my third ammoon kit. Only one of them was labelled with the brand name on the website I bought it from. Generally if you find it listed as ammoon on eBay or Amazon, it's more than if it doesn't say the brand at all. The first was the box body style Steinberger Spirit clone. It is done. I play it. I need to do some fretwork. And I did some massive under the bridge surgery on the body to get it to play well. But I'm quite proud of it. The second is a set neck V that I'm still building, breaking and rebuilding (since the summer). And the third now is a Steinberger Spirit GU clone. The first thing I checked is the bridge route and sure enough...

 Maybe if I angle the screws...

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